The association

We represent our members’ interests

HESSENMETALL represents the societal and social interests of its member companies from the Hessian metalworking and electrical engineering industries in dealing with politics, administration, the public and unions.

The importance of the associations in the labour and industrial sectors is particularly emphasised in the German Constitution in the 1st sentence of Article 9, paragraph 3. According to it, labour and employment issues should be handled for the most part independently by the collective bargaining parties. HESSENMETALL, like other collective bargaining associations, therefore plays a decisive role in the political systems of the Federal Republic of Germany in terms of industry, society and socio-political issues.

Our self-image

HESSENMETALL views itself as the attorney of the M+E industry. It is first and foremost a party to collective bargaining agreements and labour law representation. Further, it is a service provider for ergonomics and human resources, a socio-political lobbyist, a mouthpiece and an educational provider, an adviser on start-ups and on trends in one.

Your contacts: 

State offices
Verband der Metall- und
Elektro-Unternehmen Hessen e.V.
Emil-von-Behring-Straße 4
60439 Frankfurt
Postfach 50 05 61
60394 Frankfurt
Phone: 069 95808-0
Fax: 069 95808-126
Chief Executive Officer

Volker Fasbender
Phone: 069 95808-130


Administration, Personnel and Finances

Thomas Wagner
Phone:069 95808-140


Corporate Communications

Dr. Ulrich Kirsch
Phone: 069 95808-150


Collective Bargaining

Peter Hampel
Phone: 069 95808-160


Law/European social policy

Prof. Dr. Franz-Josef Rose
Phone: 069 95808-170

Labour Market and Social Policy

Dr. Stefan Hoehl

Phone: 069 95808-200


Education and Social Policy

Jörg E. Feuchthofen
Phone: 069 95808-210

Economic and Environmental Policy
Dr. Clemens Christmann
Phone: 069 95808-220

Vocational Training and Personnel Policy
Charlotte Venema
Phone: 069 95808-296



Heinz Günter Decker
Phone: 069 95808-164



Nikolaus Schade
Phone: 069 95808-180